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        Elderly & Disabled Care


One of the most important factors that affect an elderly people is the quality of space. The foundation provides monetary assistance to the Elderly and Disabled care centers. These centers are not only a care center or nursing home but also a living center where elder and disabled people could find quality of life style. Most elderly and disabled people with care need to face paying for their own support. Our program also offering seniors and disabled individuals the ability to participate in self-directed care programs with a fixed monthly cash benefit that they can use as they see fit, to purchase personal care items for their comfort or convenience, or to pay for services from home and community-based care providers that they choose.

        Homeless & Impoverished


This program provides federal and state funding assistance to facilities that serving the food in day centers, soup kitchens, food banks that supply shelters and other organizations that support services to homeless or impoverished people.

        Scientific Research & Health Investigation


The foundation provides funds for scientific research in various health areas. We offer funding for different types of research – biomedical, clinical, epidemiological or health systems research. Recipients could be any countries or regions. Additionally, the Elizabeth Tudor Foundation created an award to support the investigators at several universities, medical schools, and other research organizations around the world.

        Healthy Environment


The goal of the Healthy Environment program is to protect habitat, water and air quality and the world’s ecosystems. The mission of Elizabeth Tudor Foundation is to promote the use and utilization of solar energy. The foundation supports a wide range of conservation efforts, all with the goal of protecting healthy and peaceful world for present and future generations.