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The Elizabeth Tudor Foundation assisting families with special needs. The mission of our foundation is to provide grants for families struggling with poverty and other severe life challenges. Moreover, our program includes free vehicle access for low-income families and unemployed individuals, families with children living in homeless shelters, pensioners, disabled and rural resident with no or limited public transport.

        Disabled Children


Several million children around the world are living with a moderate or severe disability of some kind. We believe that children regardless of ability should have the same opportunity to learn as everybody else. The Elizabeth Tudor Foundation dedicated to serving those children who require assistance for medical, mental or psychological disabilities. One of the main goals of our charity organization is to support parents who have children with special needs.

        Single Parents


The foundation supports single parents who are truly alone and have no assistance from the other parent. Many single parents are employed and not eligible to receive governmental grants because of earning income. They working hard for their families, but find it is still not enough. We offer financial assistance to single parents and their children. These benefits to single parents and their children may easily lead to a peaceful and healthy social life without hunger and poverty.

        Retired & Unemployed


Nowadays retirement is different. For more seniors the retirement involves thoughtful financial planning about what they want to do with the rest of their life. The Foundation provides financial assistance to retired people who are living in times of acute financial stress.

The unemployment rate is almost three times the national average. Thousands people have lost their jobs and are struggling to put food on the table. Our charity organization provides assistance to the families with children where both couples are unemployed, to retired parents with student children and single unemployed parents.